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Polaris Development Inc works with a diverse portfolio of fortune 500 clients. As a promotional marketing firm, we specialize in tailoring campaigns specifically to our clients needs. We provide targeted marketing and sales management with campaign support throughout the entire country. As part of a companywide initiative we plan to provide more Fortune 500 companies with the benefit of our services and will use this continued expansion to also solidify our client base.



We are recognized as a leader in customer acquisition and retention across the Northeast. The core of our company is our people. Their leadership, vision and desire to develop future partners will propel our growth Nationwide. Polaris Development, Inc. provides our clients a way to better serve their customers. We have spent years developing a system that provides our clients with a professionally trained team that understands every detail pertaining to providing exceptional customer service, brand loyalty, and market penetration.



RESEARCHOur strategies for success are based upon our research of:
  • Target Markets: being able to outmaneuver our clients’ competition. This translates into us being able to effectively serve the markets with the most customers who will want what services our clients’ have to offer.
  • Communications Strategies: creating the best possible experience for the customer. Our research shows that in-person communication with our customers allows us to build unique personal relationships. This gives us the ability to address individual customer concerns, answer all and all questions, and show genuine interest in their needs.
  • Marketing Objective: understanding our clients’ needs. We are committed to understanding the behavioral changes within our markets that will produce the results that our clients are looking for.
  • Contact Strategies: finding the most effective way to convey our clients messages to the most productive audiences.
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Email: hr@polarisdevelopmentinc.com
Phone: 215-643-4856

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