We believe that a team that works hard should play hard! Getting involved with local charities and events has developed strong internal ties and created an environment of teamwork and trust. Check out more of our events on our Facebook and Twitter pages.


Our Mission at Polaris Development Consulting is to develop the next generation of leaders in business and in our community. We believe in supporting those in need and have teamed up with some of the local charities in the area. Check out some of our philanthropy work below. For more information check out our Instagram and Linkedin pages.

Day of Smiles was an event organized to raise money and awareness for Operation Smile. Operation Smile is a local charity that sends doctors to third world countries to repair cleft palates in children who have been outcast because of the birth defect. Our company has been working with this charity for many years and our proud of the many lives we have had a hand in changing and the smiles we have adopted.

Check out Operation Smile here!                           Donate to save a Smile here!

OperationSmile opsmile


Relay_For_Life_logoRelay for life is an amazing event that began in 1985 to raise money for the American Cancer Society. We are proud to donate to a charity that focuses on team work to fund the fight against cancer.

To raise money for the event, members of Polaris Development spent a Saturday speaking to the community and collecting donations for the cause.  The group raised a total of $1,100 to help fight for a cure.

“It was amazing to see how giving and passionate our local community was even during such economic hardships as there are today. We exceeded our goal by over 400 percent and we did it in half the time,” explained Tara Masia, President of Polaris Development. “We are very excited that we were able to contribute to the ACS’s mission to help cancer patients celebrate more birthdays.”

This is just one of many ways Polaris plans to give back to the community as they expand.  They have already volunteered with The Lupus Alliance Of America and Operation Smile and are already planning more fundraisers for the fall.


Click here to join the fight!                           To learn more click here!

The Lupus Alliance of America focuses on funding research for a cure and educating people about Lupus and the impact it has on many Americans. We are proud to support a charity that assists and empowers many young people to live amazing lives. Check out the video we helped fund here or watch it below!

The Lupus Alliance of America is a collection of agencies that came together in order to express the purpose of providing needed services to those affected by lupus within their local communities. The Lupus Alliance of America helps to support individuals, organizations and agencies that are involved in research to find a cure for lupus or to improve treatment of the disease. Support is provided in the form on giving money to research and spreading knowledge that is able to help advance efforts leading to a cure.


Click here to join the fight!                           To learn more click here!

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