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Executive Director, PA

Tara was born and raised in Long Island, New York. She attended college in Boca Raton, Florida. She received her Bachelor’s of Social Work from Florida Atlantic University. She attributes her success to the work ethic her parents instilled in her. She has competitive nature and internal drive that helps lead her people to reach the highest levels of success possible. In 2008 she left the social work field and South Florida.

Tara Moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota where she began her career in sales and marketing. She quickly moved up through the ranks into a management role, based solely on her performance and merit. Her advancement has lead to the expansion into markets in Michigan,  Kentucky, and recently to Philadelphia, PA to take on the Executive Director role. Tara attributes the success of the organization to the amazing team of people who work tirelessly to help achieve the companies goals and vision. She is so thrilled to work with such caring people who have enormous personal and professional goals of their own. Tara believes “The best part of my career is helping others realize their true potential.”


HR Manager, PA

Born in Montego Bay, Jamaica, Amanda moved to America as a young child and quickly became a “military brat”. She studied human biology at North Carolina State University and is furthering her education in nutrition. Her passion to help others has lead to her starting a nonprofit for children with obesity. Amanda attributes her success to her travels growing up “Living in many countries has allowed me to have an open mind and gain a lot of insight on people.” She has lived in Germany, Korea, and Jamaica, and is fluent in 4 languages, which has allowed her to become adaptable to various environments. Amanda’s entrepreneurial spirit is leading her to develop her own consulting firm, International Business Consultants. Amanda prides herself in having a strong work ethic and is grateful she has the opportunity to pass down her knowledge onto others as coaches have done for her. Amanda is very excited about her future in the company and the ability to help others have a great life.


Abby D. Chihuahua
Organizational Psychologist, PA

Abby was born on a farm in Minnesota and was raised in the suburbs of Minneapolis. She has many brothers and sisters throughout the country, and her ancestry hails from Mexico. Her enthusiasm and love for making people happy has made her an integral part of the team as she motivates and inspires the staff to be the best they can be every day.  At roughly 52 (human) years old, Abby still looks forward to helping people on a daily basis and bringing smiles to the faces of those around her.


Manager, MN

Sam was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  From a young age he was passionate about soccer, and coached youth soccer while playing for Forest Hills Northern High School.  After working with youth soccer camps, he became the head coach at Forest Hills while attending college. He earned two degrees, a B.S. in Economics and a B.A. in Political Science from Grand Valley State University in Allendale, MI. Sam used his strong leadership skills built as a coach to bring success to a sales career.  As Manager of the MI market, Sam helped open three more markets for our clients. His focus is on managing a results driven team and providing professional development support for all of his people. He has recently expanded into Minnesota to help cover the five state region including North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, and Wisconsin. Sams love and passion for his wife and four children are the driving force for his continued success. His tenacity and intensity in business comes from his ultimate desire to take care of his family and be the best husband and father he can be.


HR Director, MN

Tara was born and raised in Milford, MI, and obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education at Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, MI. Tara has been a part of our organization since November 2012 as a business consultant, before she took the role as Human Resources Manager in Michigan. Since then she has helped open one of the top offices in Pittsburgh, PA and is actively involved in coaching and training others. She has advanced into the top HR role in our organization as a Human Resources Director and has transitioned into our Minnesota Market where she is overseeing Human Resources operations in eight states across the country. Tara’s success comes from having a strong student mentality and work ethic. Her future goals are to provide opportunity for other Administrators throughout the Midwest through professional coaching and teaching techniques that she has developed throughout her career.


Manager, MI

Aaron is originally from Toledo, Ohio, and moved to Michigan 3 years ago.  After finishing his Culinary Management degree in Grand Rapids he moved west to Las Vegas where to gain new life experiences. Aaron worked in fine dining and helped launch 2 restaurants and a wine and music festival. It was in Las Vegas where he also developed a passion for coaching and travel when he coached both youth and high school lacrosse.

In 2010 Aaron went back to Grand Rapids, MI to take a role as a Team Sales Manager at a small sporting goods store. This is also where his coaching career got a major boost as he accepted the position of Defensive coordinator for Davenport University Men’s Lacrosse team. He helped guide the team to 2 national semifinals and a National Championship in 2011. In 2012, Aaron, his wife Terra and his children moved to SE MI where he took on a new role to manage a local retail lacrosse store and was part of the companies B2B sales team. That experience along with the growth opportunities is what promoted Aaron to take the Account Manager role in our MI office August 2014. His passion and intensity is what he attributes his successes to here in our organization as well as in the past.

In his free time, he continues to coach youth lacrosse in Grosse Point. He looks to take his professional and coaching experience to the next level by helping others develop in his organization. His goal is to help others reach their dreams. In doing this he will be able to create the time and freedom he wants to watch his 3 children grow.


Senior Account Executive, PA

Eric was born in the town of Jeffersonville, IN where he grew up as a Boy Scout and leader in the community. He was awarded Eagle Scout in the same year as he graduated from Jeffersonville High School with honors. He went on to attend college at Ball State attaining a degree in Architecture. After working in the field, Eric decided he wanted a career with more opportunity for growth and advancement based on performance. He was offered a position with Polaris Development in Kentucky where he quickly stood out as a top performer and was chosen to be a part of the select expansion team to come to Philadelphia.

Since that time, Eric has had amazing opportunities to travel to places like Cancun, Chicago, Orlando, Miami, New York, and Nashville on behalf of the company. He is looking forward to his transition from Assistant Manager to his promotion into an Executive Director role in the next few months. His passion for his people and the growth of the organization are second to none. On the side, Eric is developing plans for schools where children will be trained in entrepreneurship starting at a grade school level through college. He has taken so much from his training and development here with Polaris and has said that it has helped him “develop my vision to empower the youth of America.”


2fc24c6 (1)Natasha
HR Consultant

Natasha spent the majority of her life in State College, Pennsylvania but she still likes to mention the fact that she was born in San Diego. She graduated from Penn State with a major in Business Management and minors in Mandarin and International Business. After studying abroad in Shanghai for a semester, she returned and discovered her passion for marketing and public relations. Natasha shares the company’s passion for going international and helps the growth of the organization remotely.


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