Executive Director wins major award for dedication, leadership, and excellence!

Who’s Who has been a leader in finding up and coming high achievers while they are still far from their full potential. Who’s Who just last month selected our Executive Director as one of the up and coming stars of business. “Throughout the course of her impressive career, she has built three businesses from the ground up….” and they continue by talking about her excellence in the her field, “…Ms. Masia shines due to a unique blend of her prior experiences in the industry and her educational background…” Congratulations to Tara and her staff in Blue Bell, PA and here’s to many more awards and successes to come.

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Check Out Miles for Smiles!!

Blue Bell, PA, September 2, 2014


Operation Smile is an international children’s medical charity that performs safe, effective cleft lip and cleft palate surgery, and delivers postoperative and ongoing medical therapies to children in low and middle income countries. Polaris Development Inc is a sales and marketing firm based in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania ventured out to raise and donate money to Operation Smile’s event to raise awareness and help children get the medical attention they need for their cleft palate or cleft lip. Day of Smiles was an event organized to raise money and awareness for Operation Smile. Operation Smile is a local charity that sends doctors to third world countries to repair cleft palates in children who have been outcast because of the birth defect. Our company has been working with this charity for many years and are proud of the many lives we have had a hand in changing and the smiles we have adopted

 Raising Money for Miles of Smiles

Check out this video to see how Operation Smile supports the underprivileged.

Polaris Development Inc. was more than willing to step up to the task that needed to be done for this event. Natasha Romanov the Public Relations Manager took the initiative and spoke to the team and the President, Tara Masia asking for support to raise awareness and money for the charity. Having great success at this event, we were able to raise enough money to change lives of two families.



Polaris Development Volunteers at Relay for Life with American Cancer Society

Members of Polaris Development, Inc. participated in the Relay for Life for The American Cancer Society.  The company spent months fundraising for the cause and attended the 24 hour event held in Canton on Saturday, May 14th 2011.

Polaris Development, Inc. is a sales and marketing firm founded in Farmington Hills, Michigan.  The company represents Fortune 500 clients and specializes in their business account acquisition and retention.  The company now has a second location in Louisville, K.Y.

The American Cancer Society, headquartered in Atlanta, GA, is dedicated to helping persons who face cancer by supporting research, patient services, early detection, treatment and education. The foundation constantly urges local companies to help support the fight against cancer in their communities by becoming sponsors of Relay For Life.

Relay for Life began in 1985 in Washington.  The event is a 24 hour event where they ask that at least one member of each participating team to be walking around the track for a full 24 hours.  The event begins at 9 a.m. Saturday and ends 9 a.m. Sunday, continuing through the night and into the morning to represent the fact that cancer never sleeps.  The event is a way to celebrate the lives of those who faced cancer as well as remember ones who lost the fight.

Statistics show cancer affects 1 in 3 individuals.  The American Cancer Society promotes Relay For Life as a way for individuals, groups and companies to demonstrate their commitment to helping the American Cancer Society raise money and work closer to their goals of creating a world with less cancer.

Polaris Development Inc. was presented with the opportunity to participate in the event by its Human Resource Director, Charina Hansen.  Hansen is the Public Relations/Media Chair for the Relay for Life located in Canton, Michigan.

“Tara is always looking for events and ways to get our company involved in the community. I knew she would not hesitate in helping such a terrific cause,” said Hansen.

To raise money for the event, members of Polaris Development spent a Saturday speaking to the community and collecting donations for the cause.  The group raised a total of $1,100 to help fight for a cure.

“It was amazing to see how giving and passionate our local community was even during such economic hardships as there are today. We exceeded our goal by over 400 percent and we did it in half the time,” explained Tara Masia, President of Polaris Development. “We are very excited that we were able to contribute to the ACS’s mission to help cancer patients celebrate more birthdays.”

This is just one of many ways Polaris Development plans to give back to the community as they expand.  They have already volunteered with The Lupus Alliance Of America and Operation Smile and are already planning more fundraisers for the fall.




Polaris Development Volunteers with Lupus Alliance of America

The team at Polaris Development, Inc. recognized Lupus Awareness Month by fundraising for The Lupus Alliance of America.   Members of the company spent a Saturday donating time and money to raise awareness for the cause.

Polaris Development is a sales and marketing company founded in Farming Hills, Michigan.  The company specializes in acquiring and retaining business clients for national corporations.

The Lupus Alliance of America is a collection of agencies that came together in order to express the purpose of providing needed services to those affected by lupus within their local communities. The Lupus Alliance of America helps to support individuals, organizations and agencies that are involved in research to find a cure for lupus or to improve treatment of the disease. Support is provided in the form on giving money to research and spreading knowledge that is able to help advance efforts leading to a cure.

The Polaris Development team and President, Tara Masia, took initiative and volunteered to raise awareness about the disease in hopes of drawing more attention to the disease during Lupus Awareness Month in May.

“We feel it is important to spread awareness so that those who are affected by Lupus have more support and resources,” said President Tara Masia.

Since many members of the team at Polaris Development personally know someone with Lupus spreading awareness and raising money for this cause was especially important to them.

The team volunteered 6 hours of their time on a Saturday speaking with members of the community about the disease.  The Lupus Alliance of America provided informative bookmarks for distribution and the team at Polaris Development took it upon themselves to create information sheets to add to the packet.  The company not only raised money within the community, they made a donation of their own.

The money raised by Polaris Development will help to fund a lupus commercial aimed at raising awareness about the disease and how it affects people afflicted with it.

“At the end of the day, we felt excited and proud of our efforts,” Tara Masia said. “When walking door- to-door, each person on my team encountered either someone affected by Lupus or someone who had a friend or family member affected by the disease. A great amount of appreciation and gratitude was expressed to my team and me and that was the most rewarding part!”

This is just one of the ways Polaris Development, Inc. plans on giving back to the community.  They plan to participate in Relay For Life to raise money and awareness for the American Cancer Society.  The team has also joined with several other businesses in events aimed towards raising money for Operation Smile.




Polaris Development Announces Expansion To A Second Market

After a successful first year in business, Polaris Development has opened a second office in Louisville, KY.  As of May 2nd, halfway through the firm’s second year of business, Polaris Development completed its expansion to the new location and is officially open for business.

Polaris Development is a sales and marketing firm founded in Troy, MI in November of 2009.  The company is outsourced by national corporations and is contracted to represent their brand as well as acquire and retain new and existing business accounts.

Polaris Development first client was acquired in the fall of 2009.  The firm began representing a Fortune 500 client in the business supply industry.  This client has now been in business for over 50 years and is one of the oldest and largest providers of business supplies in the country.  They are also one of the highest rated suppliers when it comes to customer service.

Since inception, Polaris Development has doubled in size as well as production.  By the end of the first month of business, the firm had acquired 92 accounts for its client.  One year later, Polaris Development was acquiring over 300 accounts monthly.  By April of 2011, the company was reaching close to 400 accounts a month for the client.

With the impressive track record in the results Polaris Development was bringing its client, the company was asked to sign a second contract to take over the market share in the North East.

“I am excited about the growth we have had this year. I believe our team’s motivation and dedication to an excellent quality of work has contributed to this expansion.  They understand that the higher the level of accounts we bring their business, the more opportunity we have as a company,” explains President of Three Seven Marketing, Tara Masia.  “It is exciting to see the people who have helped the company grow now getting the opportunity to take on these new responsibilities their hard work helped create.”

This expansion marks the first of many expansions Polaris Development plans for the coming months.  The firm expects to take on 2 new clients and open an additional 4 locations within the next 24 months.

Polaris Development Logo



Polaris Development Celebrates A Year In Business

Polaris Development, a sales and marketing firm located in Blue Bell, PA celebrates a close to their first year in business.  The end of the first year marks a year of exciting growth not only for Polaris Development, but also for the clients it represents.  This growth has led to the successful start of a second year with the execution of the first of several expansions planned for the next 24 months.

Polaris Development is a sales and marketing firm that specializes in business account acquisition and retention.  The firm first opened its doors in Troy, Michigan in November 2009.  The same month, the company took on its first client, a Fortune 500 client with a reputation of having number one rated customer service in its industry by JD Power and Associates.

“This first year in business has been amazing.  I attribute our success to the incredible team we have here at the company.  I am so proud of them.  They make up some of the most hard working individuals I have ever met.  It is not a surprise to me that with them, we have been able to grow so rapidly,” explains Tara Masia, President at Polaris Development.

Throughout the first year in business the company has been recognized as a valuable asset to the clients it represents.  Within the first month, Polaris Development had acquired almost 100 new and retained accounts for the client.

By January of 2010, the company had increased that to over 280 accounts in a 4 week span.  At the close of the first year, having doubled in size, the team at Polaris Development was able to acquire 380 account in just the month of November. By April 2010, the company became too large for the Tory market-share and was asked to provide their services for the clients in Blue Bell, PA.

“I think our culture is a huge contributor to the quality of our work and the growth we are experiencing.  The team understands that to be successful, people have to come first,” says Masia.  “Whether that means coworkers, clients, account holders, or even other members and organizations within the community, our employees understand that a great organization is one where helping other is a priority that has a high level of return in time.”

Within the next year, Polaris Development plans to provide more Fortune 500 companies with their services by continuing to expand nationally and eventually internationally.


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